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MimioBoard Interactive Whiteboard

A cost-effective, fixed interactive whiteboard solution

Not your typical whiteboard at all. It’s exceptionally lightweight, dry-erasable, and affordable. It sets up easily right out of the box, with wireless capability, seamless integration with all MimioClassroom™ products, and a single, intuitive software program that runs it all. It’s a better way to teach, and a better way to learn.

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboards, the MimioBoard™ interactive whiteboard is powered by the MimioTeach™ bar. Technology inside. Simplicity outside. Setup is a snap, it’s easy to use, and if it needs an unlikely repair, just send back the bar rather than the entire board. You’ll get even more value because teachers can easily transfer the bar to another classroom and turn an ordinary whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard in minutes. Engage both students and teachers with the MimioBoard interactive whiteboard.

Cost-effective and easy to use. Embedded wireless communication eliminates the need for cords, Bluetooth, or other special setup.
· Durable and erasable surface. The magnetic environmental ceramic steel handles the rigors of classroom activity.
· Advanced product design results in one of lightest boards in the industry.
· Easy lesson creation. Includes full-featured MimioStudio™ classroom software for creating engaging interactive lessons.
· Do-it-yourself repair. Do it yourself with the Mimio toolset— no need to return the entire interactive whiteboard.

Why Tech Coordinators Love MimioBoard

  • One of the lightest boards in the industry—easy to handle and less expensive to ship.
  • The MimioTeach bar can be secured to the board or quickly removed for servicing.
  • Can be used with either short or long throw projectors, so you can leverage your existing projector investment.

Why Teachers Love MimioBoard

  • Students are more engaged and willing to participate in the learning process.
  • A single, intuitive software program minimizes the learning curve.
  • Wireless capability means teachers aren't tethered to their computer, and don’t need to worry about someone tripping over cables.

Why Administrators Love MimioBoard

  • Full-featured performance that’s easier on the budget.
  • Intuitive software makes teachers productive from day one.
  • Durability means less teacher downtime.
  • Elegantly designed for the 21st century classroom

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