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HoverCam GradeCentral

Test your students, grade their exams with HoverCam GradeCentral and instantly see reports in the gradebook. It's that simple. Designed exclusively to be used with a HoverCam

• Now you can use the same HoverCam that you use for teaching as a grading machine

• Transfer scores instantly into any electronic Gradebook

• Grade multiple-choice tests and get instant reports for constant monitoring of where students are in the learning process

• Import existing students and scores quickly and easily

• Export scores into CVS for upload into your preferred student information system

• Link Questions to state standards and generate standards-based reports

• GradeCentral is a Cloud Based system that can be accessed from anywhere

• Improved lighting, positioning, and stability with the AccuScan Tray and QuickMount Base

Read more about the HoverCam GradeCentral here

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